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Embark on an exhilarating journey teeming with intrigue, unexpected revelations, and plot twists! Elevate your storytelling game with our premier mystery writing services, and watch as your audience becomes enthralled, unable to put your page-turner down.

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Craft Bestsellers with Our Leading Mystery Writers

Discover the magic of crafting an engaging mystery story with our team of expert mystery writers. We believe that creating a literary masterpiece involves building suspense, cleverly hiding clues, and keeping readers hooked on the thrill of the unknown.

That's why we've carefully chosen a group of mystery ghostwriters who excel at weaving stories filled with suspense, excitement, and intrigue.

Our skilled writers are well-versed in various mystery styles, from gritty detective tales to intricate police dramas and charming whodunits. They know how to create vibrant characters, craft realistic dialogues, and maintain an unbreakable hold on suspense throughout the story.

When crafting captivating mysteries, our authors are the best in the business!

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A thrilling journey into the world of mystery novels!

At Ghostwriters Planet, we do more than just create stories; we craft captivating adventures that keep readers on the edge. Whether you have a clear story idea or need help developing your plot and characters, our experienced writers are here to work closely with you.

Our collaborative approach involves brainstorming, outlining, and receiving valuable feedback to ensure your story is impeccably crafted. When you choose our mystery book writing services, you can trust that your book will be expertly written, enjoyable for readers, and incredibly satisfying. We take great pride in delivering exceptional literature that grips and entertains.

Let us guide you on this exciting journey to a brilliantly written mystery book.

  • Completion Of Process

    Completion of Process

    Once you’re on board, we’ll take your project and ensure its completion to your satisfaction.

  • Bestselling Quality Work

    Bestselling Quality Work

    No matter your work type, you are guaranteed the same quality as a bestselling piece.

  • Unlimited Support & Revisions

    Unlimited Support & Revisions

    We believe in serving to the fullest and are confident in our work, thus the unlimited revisions.

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What is Our Mystery Writing Process

At Ghostwriters Planet, we pride ourselves on our fast and effective writing process, designed to make the journey smoother for mystery book authors and more transparent for our clients to monitor their project's advancement. This process forms the heart of our success in creating exceptional books.

As an open-door policy, we believe in transparency and involve our clients in every step of the journey. Here's a quick overview of our writing process:

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Our Streamlined Process Broken Down

We are taking ghostwriting services to a whole new level through our professionally streamlined process. Check them out below!

1.Idea Discovery

Let's start with your concept! We'll brainstorm intriguing ideas and plot twists that will captivate your readers.

2.Plot Development

Our team will craft a compelling storyline, ensuring every clue and twist is strategically placed for maximum suspense.

3. Character Creation

We'll bring your characters to life, making them relatable, memorable, and essential to the mystery.

4. Feedback and Revisions

Your input matters! We'll incorporate your feedback to refine the story further.

5. Proofreading

Our meticulous proofreaders will ensure your book is error-free and ready for publication.

6.Final Delivery

Final Delivery

Sit back and enjoy the thrill of holding your completed mystery novel in your hands, ready to captivate readers worldwide.

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Thomas Mitchell

I started with a script that I needed help with. Most of my projects are written from Ghostwriters Planet, including a book in progress. Very satisfied, and I’d highly recommend them.

Samantha Smith

I had three children’s book ideas I wanted to get written by the best ghostwriters. I’m so glad I chose Ghostwriters Planet; it’s like having a personal book writer. They accommodate me with every revision I come up with and are happy to help.

Christophe Miller

The best thing about the Ghostwriters Planet team is their customer service. They arrange every request and even help me navigate the project I request them to work on. So all I can say is that I’m happy with my eBooks.

Lisa Resnick

I got my autobiography written from Ghostwriters Planet, the onboarding was satisfactory, and the process was smooth. They knew what they were doing and delivered the book on time. I’ll repurchase ghost writing services from them.

We Know You Have Questions – Let Us Address the Common Ones!

Creating a conundrum or issue for the protagonist to solve is a key component of the mystery writing subgenre. The crime at the center of the narrative—often a murder—is intended to keep the reader wondering until the very end, when the mystery is revealed.

To begin writing a mystery short tale, create a compelling scenario that features a riddle or issue that must be resolved. To keep readers interested and speculating, develop complicated characters and sprinkle hints across the narrative. Using timing, conversation, and descriptive language, create suspense and tension, and then give a satisfying resolution that solves the riddle.

Create a compelling scenario that involves a crime, typically a murder, before beginning to create a mystery book that is based on a true story. Include the investigator or main character who will solve the crime in a cast of intricate characters. Build suspense with tempo, conversation, and descriptive language while scattering hints throughout the narrative to keep readers interested and guessing. Bring the story to a satisfying end by putting the enigma to rest.

While both mystery and thriller are fiction subgenres that feature suspense and tension, there are some significant distinctions between the two. The focus of mystery stories is usually on solving the puzzle or problem that needs to be resolved, which frequently involves a crime or murder. Contrarily, protagonists in thriller fiction frequently face danger and are forced to take action in order to prevent a disastrous situation. The emphasis is on creating suspense and tension, frequently with high stakes and quick action.

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