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Attracting the right audience to your book is crucial for its success. But how do you know if your story is engaging enough? Our team of professional reviewers provides honest and insightful feedback to improve your plot, characters, and overall story. You can choose from multiple review options, including in-depth reviews or targeted feedback on specific aspects of your writing, such as grammar, style, and pacing.

By understanding your readers' perspective, you can make your book shine on platforms like Amazon and attract a wider audience. It can be achieved through online book reviews, writing a book review yourself or utilizing Amazon book review services.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights and take your writing to the next level.

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Are you ready to write your book and publish it? Our team of experienced consultants is here to help you achieve your goals. With personalized advice on every aspect of your book, from concept development to navigating the publishing process, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Overcome writer's block, refine your manuscript, and transform your story into a masterpiece with our guidance and support. Whether you're aiming for traditional publishing or self-publishing, we're here to help you bring your vision to life. Don't wait to achieve your publishing dreams.

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Your Book Review & Consultation Process

In this section, we explain how we can turn your manuscript into a captivating book using our comprehensive approach.

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Our Streamlined Process Broken Down

We are taking ghostwriting services to a whole new level through our professionally streamlined process. Check them out below!

1. Initial Consultation

We start by getting to know your book and your vision. We'll discuss the genre, target audience, and your overall goals for the review or consultation.

2. Tailored Review or Consultation

Our team of skilled reviewers or experienced consultants will be assigned to your project based on its specific needs. This ensures you receive expert feedback or guidance tailored to your book's unique strengths and areas for improvement.

3. In-Depth Analysis

Your reviewer or consultant will dive deep into your manuscript, providing constructive criticism and actionable insights on aspects like plot, character development, pacing, and style.

4. Collaborative Development

We believe in a collaborative approach. You'll have the opportunity to discuss the feedback and work together with your reviewer or consultant to refine your manuscript and achieve your desired outcome.

5. Final Review and Refinement:

Once you've incorporated the feedback and suggestions, your reviewer or consultant will provide a final review, ensuring your manuscript is polished and ready to impress.

6. Ready to Publish

With your reviewed and polished manuscript in hand, you'll be confident to take the next steps toward publication, whether you choose traditional publishing or self-publishing.

Our Satisfied Clients Say It All

Thomas Mitchell

I started with a script that I needed help with. Most of my projects are written from Ghostwriters Planet, including a book in progress. Very satisfied, and I’d highly recommend them.

Samantha Smith

I had three children’s book ideas I wanted to get written by the best ghostwriters. I’m so glad I chose Ghostwriters Planet; it’s like having a personal book writer. They accommodate me with every revision I come up with and are happy to help.

Christophe Miller

The best thing about the Ghostwriters Planet team is their customer service. They arrange every request and even help me navigate the project I request them to work on. So all I can say is that I’m happy with my eBooks.

Lisa Resnick

I got my autobiography written from Ghostwriters Planet, the onboarding was satisfactory, and the process was smooth. They knew what they were doing and delivered the book on time. I’ll repurchase ghost writing services from them.

We Know You Have Questions – Let Us Address the Common Ones!

We review all genres of fiction and non-fiction, including novels, short stories, poetry, memoirs, and more.

The timeframe depends on the length and complexity of your manuscript. However, we typically provide reviews within a reasonable timeframe.

We offer competitive rates for our services. Please get in touch with us for a quote based on your specific needs.

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