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You have the idea, and we write the bestsellers—this is all it takes to go from a simple vision to a creative outcome. When you hire a professional ghostwriter, it's not only a writer but also an investment in your successful publication.

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Secrets of Success: The Power of Hiring Book Ghostwriters

We have been here for a long time, providing the cornerstone content for consumers. We have written books for our clients that have become bestsellers, with hundreds of thousands of copies sold worldwide. All are under immense pressure, with dedicated writers on your projects that make sure your project is completed on time. Our book ghostwriters give voice to your stories and soul to your concepts with attractive and highly relevant book covers designed to boost the marketing for your book.

So, how do we keep serving these clients with complete satisfaction? Our writers and project management system are optimized to communicate your goals clearly, and our enthusiasm to keep delivering until the client is satisfied gives us a 100% satisfaction rate.

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Our ghostwriting services are unique in quality and competitive in price. With our high-quality, affordable ghostwriting services, we can help you get your tale out into the world.

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Let our book promotion services help you expand your readership and boost your revenue. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of book promotion, including both digital and traditional methods.

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If you want to broaden your audience and impact globally, use our professional translation services. Also, we'll make sure our customers' books are translated accurately and appropriately for their target market.

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What Does Working With A Professional Ghostwriter Look Like?

Things to Know Before Choosing a Professional Ghostwriter

A reputable service should offer guarantees, such as a refund policy. They should also explain how to handle problems and any other concerns that may arise. Lastly, they should be able to offer the services of experienced ghostwriters for hire. This is important if you have any special needs.

A ghostwriter job is to create a story, novel, speech, etc., written in your voice. The best ones do this well. This requires a certain amount of creativity and expertise. However, only some have the talent. For example, a self-published author should ensure that the ghost writer they choose is well-versed in the technical aspects of SEO, whether it's songwriting, movie writing, hip hop/rap writing, or any other type of writing.

The biggest challenge for the ghostwriter is capturing the writer's voice. The key to this is finding ghostwriters for hire with a passion for the subject. Considering the numerous options out there, it's essential to choose a ghostwriter that fits your budget and your vision for your project. For instance, don't settle for an overpriced generalist if you have a small budget. This is especially true if you have a complex manuscript like military fiction writing or Wikipedia writing. A professional ghostwriter in a wide range of genres will be able to accommodate your needs.

The suitable ghostwriter will be able to capture the best aspects of your manuscript while keeping it on brand. In addition, you will have more fun if you're working with someone passionate about the topic. This will allow for more seamless collaboration. This is also a great time to ask the professional ghostwriters for any hints or tips to help you complete your project. Hire a book writer with the best credentials. It'll take research and communication, but it's worth the effort.

Why Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?

Find a ghostwriter to help you achieve your writing goals efficiently and promptly. They will save you time and money. They can also help you build your brand. You'll be able to show the world what you have to offer and how you can solve the world's problems. Taking advantage of a professional writer can do wonders for your business. They are armed with years of research on a variety of audiences. They can develop ideas for you, create a writing plan, and even create an entire book.

Finding a ghostwriter that will take your writing to the next level. For example, finding a ghostwriter who knows how to use SEO in a content writing project. As a result, they can organize your articles and increase their search engine rankings. This is crucial for content writing.

The best ghostwriters will provide a written outline of your book or will be able to give you an idea of how much time it will take. They will also provide you with a list of books they have ghostwritten. Expert ghostwriters will also be able to identify top-notch content.

Finally, you find a ghostwriter who can help you break into that market if you are in an unreachable niche like scriptwriting. You may need more time or inclination to do all the research needed to produce high-quality content. A ghostwriter can do the legwork for you, making the task more manageable. Hiring a ghost writer is a worthy investment for your novel writing, hip hop/rap writing, or content writing project. While they are not creative or innovative writers, they can help you write your ideas down. They can also handle more mundane tasks, such as proofreading and editing. Using a ghostwriter is also the best way to ensure you get the most for your buck.

In most cases, they will take the cost of a large project and spread it out over several payments. Whether you want fiction writing, Wikipedia writing, movie writing, or another writing project, hiring a ghostwriter will give you an edge over your competition. They can also prove that they can do more than their fee indicates.

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Go through our outstanding portfolio of books crafted by the most skillful and dedicated ghostwriters.

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We provide everything that you need to publish your book under a single roof!

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Thomas Mitchell

I started with a script that I needed help with. Most of my projects are written from Ghostwriters Planet, including a book in progress. Very satisfied, and I’d highly recommend them.

Samantha Smith

I had three children’s book ideas I wanted to get written by the best ghostwriters. I’m so glad I chose Ghostwriters Planet; it’s like having a personal book writer. They accommodate me with every revision I come up with and are happy to help.

Christophe Miller

The best thing about the Ghostwriters Planet team is their customer service. They arrange every request and even help me navigate the project I request them to work on. So all I can say is that I’m happy with my eBooks.

Lisa Resnick

I got my autobiography written from Ghostwriters Planet, the onboarding was satisfactory, and the process was smooth. They knew what they were doing and delivered the book on time. I’ll repurchase ghost writing services from them.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee – That’s How Confident We Are!

How good are we? We believe in serving our clients the best of every service and meeting their expectations wholeheartedly. If you’re with us, you’re bound to be astounded.

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Your First Steps On The Ghostwritten Journey

Do you want to write a book but need to be more confident about how much work it will be? Years of practice are needed to master the art of writing. The experience of publications we hold has prepared us for our role as pioneers in the book publishing industry.

  • Completion Of Process

    Completion of Process

    Once you’re on board, we’ll take your project and ensure its completion to your satisfaction.

  • Bestselling Quality Work

    Bestselling Quality Work

    No matter your work type, you are guaranteed the same quality as a bestselling piece.

  • Unlimited Support & Revisions

    Unlimited Support & Revisions

    We believe in serving to the fullest and are confident in our work, thus the unlimited revisions.

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Our Streamlined Process Broken Down

We are taking ghostwriting services to a whole new level through our professionally streamlined process. Check them out below!

1. Fill Out the Form

Starting the process is as simple as filling out a form. And we’ll call you within 24 hours!

2. Place Order on Call

You can discuss your requirements and review our team and ghost writing services. Then, if we’re a match, you can place an order right then!

3. Research and Draft

Our team researches your project and maps out a project draft for you to see exactly how the process looks. This paints a clear picture of how your book will reach the completion stage.

4. Proofreading & Editing

In the proofreading and editing phase, your book is judged, criticized, and perfected to its potential. No loose threads are ensured, and the book is edited to astound your audience.

5. Typesetting & Designing

After the manuscript's completion, we move on to formatting to match publishing standards, use appropriate fonts, and design an appealing, relevant book cover.

6. Publishing & Promotion

Once you approve the final book, we move on to publishing and start crafting marketing strategies and proceed to execution.

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Why Need A Ghostwriter To Make Your Publication Successful?

Imagine giving your unique ideas to a bestselling ghostwriter with years of experience. There can be no sacrifices made concerning the originality of your ideas.

The following are the key benefits we are offering:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Dedicated Bestselling Writers
  • Insight Into the Process
  • Unlimited Revisions
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We Know You Have Questions – Let Us Address the Common Ones!

Don't worry if you have a concept and want to convert it into a book. You are among many people who reach out to ghost writers to turn their great fantasies into excellent books. If you need help finding a ghostwriter who will take care of your ideas and guide you through the writing process, our staff of skilled ghostwriters is here to help. We get that only some have the skills to turn their ideas into novels, but that should not keep you from telling your tale.
Whether you're ready to hire a ghost writer or just need some pointers on how to get started, you can count on our full assistance.

Ghostwriting is a service usually needed by people who have no professional background in writing but have been into writing, reading, and other creative stuff. These people are sometimes famous high-achievers in life who want to share their journey or share their tips. Sometimes people who are experts on a subject want to write a book on their teachings. However, most people want to get their ideas converted into books that they can get published and sell to their audience.

Throughout this process, confidentiality is paramount, and hiring a ghostwriter is a trusted choice. Here are the steps:

  • Matching: We swiftly connect you with a suitable ghostwriter for your project.
  • Research and Planning: The writer thoroughly researches your project and outlines a plan.
  • Draft Submission: After you approve the plan, the writer begins the project and submits the draft.
  • Approval: You review and approve the draft, ensuring it aligns with your vision.
  • Editing: We professionally proofread and edit the manuscript to meet publishing standards.
  • Finalization: Once the manuscript is polished, we work on formatting, fonts, and cover designs.
  • Marketing: The marketing strategy and promotions begin as your book nears completion.

Ghostwriters at Ghostwriters Planet have a very specifically designed system that works like clockwork, and because of this system, we completed more than 100 Million words for our clients. Our ghostwriters value communication more than anything in the process; it is only possible to deliver the quality that you require when we truly comprehend your requirements. We have a specific way of asking requirements that clears the noise and gets us to the exact threads we need to pull to get the content written. Once we comprehend the requirements, we draft and review the initial content to grasp the full understanding and hand you control over the content. After the manuscripts are finalized and selected, we move to the process of making that book plausible to look at and standardized for publishing. After publishing, we start the professional marketing of the book to generate revenue from this book.

You can claim all the book's rights, and we will have no rights over the book whatsoever. The book will be published under your name, and our ghostwriting assistance will be confidential, followed by a Non-disclosure Agreement.

It depends on the nature of the project and the instructions given. However, it does take a couple of months, but that too depends on the type of the book, and if the client specifies the length, we'll give you a timeline on how long that would take.

Our ghostwriting process is 100% confidential; the books will be published under your name, and we solidify this claim by signing a Non-disclosure Agreement.

The cost of hiring a ghostwriter is influenced by several factors. While it may initially seem pricey, considering the potential of passive income a book can generate, it becomes an investment in your future. While other services can be expensive when searching the market, Ghostwriting Planet aims to offer reasonable pricing. Everyone should have access to quality ghostwriting assistance, making ghost writers for hire accessible to all.


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